Kid Fury Wants to Save Gabby?

This post is a reaction to this video by one of my favorite vloggers, Kid Fury.  You can watch the video here.


Dear Kid Fury,

I really want for this to be an intervention.  This issue has been laying on my spirit for awhile now.  I love you, Kid Fury.  I really do. I enjoy your YouTube videos and your website, but you crossed a line by making and posting this video about Ms. Gabourey Sidibe.

Now you say at the beginning of the video that you intended it to be an intervention.  Bullshit.  You are not interested in helping Ms. Sidibe. And we are going to call her Ms. Sidibe because neither you nor I know her well enough to call her Gabby. You are not concerned for her.  You are just camouflaging your fatphobia with some faux concern for Ms. Sidibe’s health.  You claim that you always “keep it real.”  You claim to be the type of friend to always tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.  Yet, you have the nerve to try and sneak in past Ms. Sidibe’s natural defenses against fatphobic bigots like yourself and hand her this big ol’ bag of bullshit.  I thought that you were better than this, Kid Fury.

You claim to be concerned for Ms. Sidibe’s health, but you don’t know the first thing about her health.  You are not a member of her family.  You are not a friend.  You don’t know what her blood pressure is, or her blood glucose, or her cholesterol level. You don’t know what her nutritional habits are, you don’t know if she works out.  You know nothing.  You make assumptions that Ms. Sidibe overeats or that her diet is unhealthy.  You make some slick comment about pork chops, and ham hocks and country dreams, but you don’t really know what Ms. Sidibe is putting in her mouth. You say that, “It can’t be healthy to be that big.  It just can’t.”  I guess that you have never heard of the concept of fat but fit.  I would suggest that you head over to Madam Google.

At my fittest, I was over 300 pounds and working out six hours a week.  These sessions included hour long strength training where I regularly did three sets of squats with 25 pound barbells in each hand, and leg pressed my own body weight, among other activities.  After these grueling sessions, I would still go on to do 40-50 minutes of intense cardio.  I was doing everything right and I was still fat.  One of my favorite wellness bloggers, Skinny Emmie, eats healthy, runs marathons and generally works out like an athlete.  Her wellness journey began over three years ago and I would venture to say that while she is still a large woman, she is undeniably healthy.

Me at my fittest.  Yeah, I was still fat.
Me at my fittest. Yeah, I was still fat.

Kid Fury, you are just a bigot who seems to believe that Ms. Sidibe should lose weight to conform to your opinion of what a woman’s body and particularly the body of an actress should look like.  I wish that you had just come out and said that.  That would have been honest and then I could’ve spent more time telling you that women’s bodies are not public property.  It is not on Ms. Sidibe to conform to your very narrow standard of beauty.

In the description of this YouTube video you state, “We need to stop acting like this shit is okay,” I agree with you.  We need to stop acting like it is okay to make assumptions about someone’s lifestyle based on their body.  We need to stop acting like shaming people (You’re not a plus size. You’re multiplication size. You’re an algebraic equation.”  Really, asshole? Really?) will lead them into changing their behavior.  We (and by we I mean people like you) need to stop acting as if other people need to alter their appearance to suit us.



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