Is My Sister My Friend?

Long time readers will recall a previous post about the issues that I am having with my family.  You can read the post here.  A couple of days ago, I  had a big blow up with my sister.  It’s been building for awhile.  I thought that I was okay with my sister.  I really did.  I haven’t spoken to my asshole brother in law since July, but I thought I was okay with my sister.  I do things for her and she does things for me.  We talk.  We have fun and we hang out. I miscalculated my budget and … Continue reading Is My Sister My Friend?


I have been living in the basement of my mother’s home for almost a year now.  I’m ready to leave.  My sister and her family (3 wonderful kids and a jackass) live here and have been living here for 4 years.  I never thought that living with family again would be so difficult.  I can’t stand it anymore. When I moved in, my sister and I had an arrangement. I would wash all the dishes and she would cook for me.  She doesn’t cook special meals just for me. She would cook enough so that I could eat too.  I … Continue reading Gratitude