New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Hi All, I had to update my step goal.  Last week, I managed to reach my step goal of 3500 steps a day for three days.  My body was pissed off at me on Sunday.  I had also done The Fat Chick Works Out DVD three times.  I spent all day in bed on Sunday and Monday.  I was that sore and worn out.  So instead of stopping exercise all together, I am going to be even more gentle with myself.  I’m going to set my step goal for 2000 steps a day and I’m going to progress to week … Continue reading New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Salmon Patties

So I’ve decided to cook for myself.  I have a number of reasons: It’s less expensive than take out. I can control what goes into the food (Hello, Clean Eating. How are you?) Mark Bittman believes that people can control their overeating if they cook. It’s fun.   So this morning I decided to use a can of salmon that I had lying around.  I googled recipes for canned salmon and found a recipe for salmon patties.  I found this recipe on  I didn’t have onion, but I went ahead and made it anyway.  It came out pretty good. … Continue reading Salmon Patties