Sick and Tired of Being Utterly Disgusted

Yesterday, I got sick of living in a filthy room.  There was a pile of dirty clothes puddled right outside the bathroom door.  There was cat puke on the rug and empty water bottles everywhere and random papers on the floor.  There was also a lot of roaches.  I live in a finished basement.  We have roaches and the summer heat has only made that situation worse.  They seem to be attracted to the area where I keep Nella’s food and water.  I’ve been disgusted to actually see a bunch of roaches congregating around Nella’s water bowl as if they … Continue reading Sick and Tired of Being Utterly Disgusted

My Birthday!!

My birthday was September 25, this past Tuesday.  I turned 37. Yes, I said it, 37.  I’m okay with being 37 because turning a year older is certainly better than the alternative and I recently figured out that I don’t want to be in my twenties again.  I think that when I personally whine about missing my younger years I’m not actually whining about missing my younger years.  I’m missing the version of my twenties that I wished I had lived.  I’m missing an idealized beer commercial version of my twenties where I am slim, mentally stable and not socially … Continue reading My Birthday!!