Loving Myself: Part 1

Hey All, As I’ve discussed in a previous post, I feel as if I let other people determine how I feel about myself and my body.  I hate to bring up my mother again, but I’m going to. My family and the way that they judge people based on their appearances and the way that they are critical of everyone based on their appearance has shaped me and the way I feel about my body. My mother often said when I was a kid, “Fat doesn’t look good on anyone but a pig.” So naturally I grew up thinking that … Continue reading Loving Myself: Part 1

What Will Make Me Happy

I just read this great post by one of my favorite plus sized bloggers, CeCe Olisa, of the blog, Plus Size Princess. In this post CeCe talks about how strangers and co workers noticed that she was losing weight and started making comments. At first she found the comments to be benign. People would tell her how good she looked. Then as she lost more and more weight people would start policing her plate. CeCe said that someone actually had the nerve to ask her if she should be eating cheese while she was at a party.  This post made … Continue reading What Will Make Me Happy

Rude People

I had a hard day today. I was late to work. I’m never late, but today I was five minutes late. Then I had to leave my students and go over to the faculty computer lab and print copies of the worksheet I would be using. The English department has a policy. You’re supposed to print out one copy and bring it to the copy center in the basement. It saves toner. As I was saying, I was already late, so I printed out enough copies of my handouts for each student. I wound up printing out about 100 pages. … Continue reading Rude People

Mothers and Daughters and Weight

My blog colleagues over at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, posted this really great article in response to a recent Vogue article where a mother details the diet she placed her 7 year old daughter on.  I read the article yesterday afternoon with a tear in my eye.  My  mom put me on a diet when I was eight.  Thus began my battle with my weight and my mother.  I’m 36 now and my mother and I cannot have a discussion about food or my weight without tears and resentment. Today my mother and I were watching Meet … Continue reading Mothers and Daughters and Weight