The Plan

I have recently reconnected with my awesome personal trainer, Rachel. If you are a long time follower of this blog then you have heard me mention Rachel before. Rachel has agreed to train me long distance using Skype.  Rachel has given me a number of dietary guidelines that I will share with you here.

General Guidelines

Rachel suggests that I limit the following fruits to the first half of the day. I think it’s because their carbohydrate content is very high. The fruits are:

  • mangoes
  • pineapples
  • bananas
  • grapes

Rachel says that I should stick with berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), kiwis with the skin on, apples, pers and watermelon.

Salads are great but now I have to be careful to measure out the dressing. No more two packets of salad dressing for my WaWa salads.

For sandwiches I have make a choice between avocado, cheese, or mayo. It’s not okay to have all three on a sandwich which is a shame, because that combo is delish.

The Great Cereal Swap of 2015

I used to buy individual bowls of Raisin Bran Crunch in bulk and think that I was being healthy.


Because of their added sugar content, Rachel has nixed these as a breakfast cereal.  I’m no supposed to eat Cheerios with berries.


Rachel also suggests that I try some of the Kashi cereals. Lucky for me, they also come in handy dandy containers.


I would of course combine this with 2% or 1% milk for breakfast.

So this is what a typical day should look like:

Wake up

Drink 8oz of water. Rachel says that will jump start my metabolism.

Then I am supposed to eat breakfast

2 hours later-fruit lately I’ve been on a blueberry and strawberry kick.

2 hours later- Lunch- protein and veggies. Rachel says that I should aim for small meals so that I can eat more frequently and so that I don’t get overstuffed and slow down my metabolism.

2 hours later-more fruit or veggies for a snack

2 hours later-dinner

If I get hungry after dinner I am supposed to eat veggies.


I have to break up with Burger King.  I cannot eat any more fast food, nunca, nada.  /

If I need to splurge, like on some really good chocolate, then I should wait until the weekend.  Rachel believes in the 80/20 rule.  If you eat healthy 80% percent of the time then you can eat not so healthy 20% of the time.

To read about my workout regime check out My Workout page.



One thought on “The Plan

  1. Hey gorgeous!

    I think you are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met! You have a smile that brightens the room, laughter like music, razor-sharp wit, eyes that sparkle, and an unbeatable sense of humor. You make people feel good about themselves, and that makes you beautiful. You spread joy and encouragement, and that makes you gorgeous! I commend you for choosing this journey, and I support you. Get to that Aqua Fit class, it sounds like a fun way to exercise! Sending you positive energy and white light.

    Love you, beautiful lady!


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