My Mother and I

Me:  We have a bottle of champagne that we haven’t drunk yet My mother: Karen, I want you to stop drinking. Me:  That’s not going to happen My mother: Karen, you scare me. You know you are not just messing with your life. You’re messing with my life. Me: I don’t get drunk, Mother My mother:  Karen, you get heavily drunk.  You know that your life is not just about you? Let me stop this conversation right here.  I’m not a drinker.  I’ve been on antidepressants for the last 7 years so I don’t imbibe a great deal of alcohol. … Continue reading My Mother and I

Mothers and Daughters and Weight

My blog colleagues over at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, posted this really great article in response to a recent Vogue article where a mother details the diet she placed her 7 year old daughter on.  I read the article yesterday afternoon with a tear in my eye.  My  mom put me on a diet when I was eight.  Thus began my battle with my weight and my mother.  I’m 36 now and my mother and I cannot have a discussion about food or my weight without tears and resentment. Today my mother and I were watching Meet … Continue reading Mothers and Daughters and Weight