The Man of the House?

You know if I was living rent free in my sister’s house I could see having to help her with the kids and the household chores.  I could even see her husband, who would be working (in theory) to maintain that house being pissed off when I didn’t.  The fact is, I live in my mother’s house.  My brother in law doesn’t pay a dime to keep up this house: no rent, no utilities, nothing.  I stay in my own space and mind my own business, even when I see him acting like a complete ass to his wife and … Continue reading The Man of the House?

Crossing the Rubicon

Have you heard the expression, “Crossing the Rubicon?”  The Rubicon is a river in Italy.  During the late Roman Republic no private citizen was allowed to have legions (large companies of soldiers) within the city of Rome.  I suspect that law was made prevent rich men with money enough to afford a private army from setting up a military dictatorship.  Back in 49 B.C., Julius Caesar led the 13th legion across the Rubicon and into Rome.  At this point, Caesar uttered the famous words, “the die is cast.” Meaning that he had crossed a point of no return, both literally … Continue reading Crossing the Rubicon