Goals for 2013

Hey Y’all,

Happy New Years!!  It’s that time of year to reflect and set some goals.  I won’t call them resolutions because that to me is a loaded word burdened by memories of all my previous weight loss resolutions that were quickly abandoned by February.  So instead I’m going to come up with 3 month goals. This will also lighten the pressure that I normally associate with resolutons.  It’s really hard for me to committ to do something for an entire year.  It overwhelms me.  Anyways,  here are my goals for the next 3 months:

1.  Take a daily walk-This will help me clear my head and focus.  It will also help to build my fitness levels.

2. Strength train two days a week-That’s how I started lifting with Rachel.  Those sessions use to kick my ass.  They also made me really strong.

3.  Take my blood sugar at least once a day.

4.  Save $1500 dollars. 

5. Keep cooking and remain vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for the last three weeks and I feel as if I have more energy. 

What are some of your goals for 2013?  I’d love to hear some.

Thanks for reading!!!!


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