Tuna and Rotini Dinner

So for dinner the other night I decided to make this recipe that I found on SimplyRecipes.com.  Now I didn’t have the arugula so I had to make do without it.  I thought the resulting dish was pretty tasty, but I had gone overboard on the red pepper flakes and I wound up with a dish that was very spicy.  It was still delish!!  Check out the picture below.   Advertisements Continue reading Tuna and Rotini Dinner

Tuna Patties!!

So after my experiment with salmon patties resulted in bland patties, I wanted a do over.  So the day after I decided to make tuna patties.  I was fresh out of canned salmon, but as usual, I had a lot of cans of tuna lying around the house.  So I opened about two cans of tuna and poured that into a bowl along with an egg, some crushed saltines (I had no breadcrumbs) and then I started adding spices.  We didn’t have any onions in the house so I added onion powder instead.  I also added parsley flakes, lemon pepper, … Continue reading Tuna Patties!!