Tuna Patties!!

So after my experiment with salmon patties resulted in bland patties, I wanted a do over.  So the day after I decided to make tuna patties.  I was fresh out of canned salmon, but as usual, I had a lot of cans of tuna lying around the house.  So I opened about two cans of tuna and poured that into a bowl along with an egg, some crushed saltines (I had no breadcrumbs) and then I started adding spices.  We didn’t have any onions in the house so I added onion powder instead.  I also added parsley flakes, lemon pepper, … Continue reading Tuna Patties!!

Salmon Patties

So I’ve decided to cook for myself.  I have a number of reasons: It’s less expensive than take out. I can control what goes into the food (Hello, Clean Eating. How are you?) Mark Bittman believes that people can control their overeating if they cook. It’s fun.   So this morning I decided to use a can of salmon that I had lying around.  I googled recipes for canned salmon and found a recipe for salmon patties.  I found this recipe on allrecipes.com.  I didn’t have onion, but I went ahead and made it anyway.  It came out pretty good. … Continue reading Salmon Patties