New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Hi All, I had to update my step goal.  Last week, I managed to reach my step goal of 3500 steps a day for three days.  My body was pissed off at me on Sunday.  I had also done The Fat Chick Works Out DVD three times.  I spent all day in bed on Sunday and Monday.  I was that sore and worn out.  So instead of stopping exercise all together, I am going to be even more gentle with myself.  I’m going to set my step goal for 2000 steps a day and I’m going to progress to week … Continue reading New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Almost Made My Goal of 3500 Steps

Today was an active day for me.  I went to the Target to have my portrait taken for business reasons.  I have recently started a resume writing business.  My website is  I am in the process of redoing my  LinkedIn profile and I needed a professional profile pic.  So I was glad that Target had a portrait studio because I didn’t want to go to Walmart. I’m not trying to throw shade at Walmart, I just prefer Target.  I don’t know what it is about going into a Target, and it is like this for every Target that I … Continue reading Almost Made My Goal of 3500 Steps

FitBit Goal Update

Hi All, Okay, so 7500 steps a day appears to be a little too ambitious.  It’s a little too much too soon.  On my most active day, I managed to get to 5000 steps.  But that was one excruciating day, when I was hanging out with the nieces and the nephew and the brother at the mall. I think that since I’m just starting out that I’m going to set my first goal at 3500 steps a day.  I’m almost going back to the gym to start strength training again. Three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I’ll start … Continue reading FitBit Goal Update