Update on my Knee and Back Pain

If y’all remember,  last week I was afraid to go to the doctor for a pain that I was having in my knee and in my back because I was afraid that I would be shamed for my weight.  Well, I went to the doctor and was treated with respect from every member of staff from the nursing assistants, the physician’s assistant, to the nurses and finally the doctor.  My primary diagnosis is that I moved wrong and got a big owwie!! They took Xrays and couldn’t find anything majorly wrong with my knee.  There was a little bit of … Continue reading Update on my Knee and Back Pain

Fear of Fat Shaming

I have been having problems walking for the last two weeks.  I have a twinge in my left lower hip region that gets worse as the day wears on.  I also have a pain in my right thigh that I noticed happened after I tried to bend down too quickly.  These two issues have made walking a painful and painfully difficult experience.  But I have been avoiding going to the doctor because I don’t want to be fat shamed. In the past I have gone to see medical professionals for other ailments and had them immediately zero in on my … Continue reading Fear of Fat Shaming