Coming Back to Myself

Lately, as I have contemplated moving out of my mom’s basement, I have remembered who I used to be.  I used to be an independent content woman who ate reasonably healthy, worked out intensely with a great physical trainer, managed her finances and enjoyed living six hours away from her nearest relative.  I was pretty awesome!  I’ve lost sight of that, but that is what depression steals from you.  It convinces you that you are worthless and that the misery that you are currently mired in will last forever.  Now that my depression has lifted I know that all of … Continue reading Coming Back to Myself

My Birthday!!

My birthday was September 25, this past Tuesday.  I turned 37. Yes, I said it, 37.  I’m okay with being 37 because turning a year older is certainly better than the alternative and I recently figured out that I don’t want to be in my twenties again.  I think that when I personally whine about missing my younger years I’m not actually whining about missing my younger years.  I’m missing the version of my twenties that I wished I had lived.  I’m missing an idealized beer commercial version of my twenties where I am slim, mentally stable and not socially … Continue reading My Birthday!!

My Scale Works Again!

On a whim,  I decided to try my scale this morning.  A few months ago, my scale seemed broken.  It kept giving me a ridiculously low reading.  As much as I wanted to believe that I had lost a 150 pounds in one week, I knew that the scale was broken.  I tried changing batteries and it didn’t help. I gave up the scale for lost.  I contemplated throwing it in the trash but it is hard for me to throw away electronics.  They just seem so bulky and out of place in a garbage bag.  I couldn’t afford to … Continue reading My Scale Works Again!