Body Wellness Project

One of my body love role models, Golda Poretsky, has started an incredible project as part of her upcoming TED talk.  You can check it out here.  I’m not sure if I am going to participate in it.  I don’t know if I’m ready to have my image projected during a TED talk.  I am willing to create my own type of Body Love Project.  I will be taking many pictures of myself (face and full body, but ALWAYS clothed) and posting them here on my blog.  I recently saw pictures of myself from last Christmas.  I was shocked and … Continue reading Body Wellness Project

The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Being Fat: #10 I Hate Thinking About My Appearance All the Time

I was watching the movie Jawbreaker last night.  What struck me most about this movie were the bodies of the high school girls.  Rose McGowan, Julie Benz and Rebecca Gayheart were voluptuous: curvy backsides, muscular legs, flat stomachs and ample breasts.  They looked great.  When I was in high school, I would have been embarrassed to look like that. If I’m being honest I would say that I have been uncomfortable with my body since puberty.  I developed early.  By the time I was in sixth grade I already had prominent breasts.  I’ve always been bigger than the other girls … Continue reading The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Being Fat: #10 I Hate Thinking About My Appearance All the Time

Mothers and Daughters and Weight

My blog colleagues over at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, posted this really great article in response to a recent Vogue article where a mother details the diet she placed her 7 year old daughter on.  I read the article yesterday afternoon with a tear in my eye.  My  mom put me on a diet when I was eight.  Thus began my battle with my weight and my mother.  I’m 36 now and my mother and I cannot have a discussion about food or my weight without tears and resentment. Today my mother and I were watching Meet … Continue reading Mothers and Daughters and Weight