My Many Reasons Not To Diet This Week

Ok, so this past week was the beginning of 2012, in case you didn’t know.  So like the rest of the world I came up with some resolutions.  My weight loss resolutions are as follows: I will workout 5 days a week. I will rejoin Weight Watchers. I will use a food journal. I will make my dreams come true. I’m working on #1. I’ve set up personal training appointments. I’ve gone back to Aqua fit. #2-4 need work.  I’m having issues with healthy eating. I actually have a list of reasons why I’m not eating healthy. I’ve adapted this … Continue reading My Many Reasons Not To Diet This Week


Do you ever feel as if you are waiting for your life to begin? Do you ever think that when I lose the weight then everything will fall into place? These thoughts are double edged for me. On one hand they give me hope that my life will get better. On the other hand (especially since I just turned 36) I can’t help but think that I’ve wasted so much of my life waiting; waiting to lose weight and waiting for my life to begin. Before this latest bout with depression (which started summer 2010) I felt good about where … Continue reading Waiting