Swimming Pools

On a bright, hot, day many years ago, my friend, Marie, her cousins, Jonas and Juna, our friend, Tonya, my baby sister, Trisha and I went to a friend of my mom’s condo. The condo was in a remodeled school and had a pool.  The pool was the reason for our visit.  I was an insecure and chubby 16 year old.  There was no way that I was going to the public pool across from the post office. There was no way that I was going to get in a bathing suit in public. What if someone made fun of … Continue reading Swimming Pools

What do I Want?

My littlest niece, NeeNee, said to me the other day, “KaKa, I wish you were skinny.” I asked her why she said that and she said, “Because you’re thick.” That’s my sensitive sister’s influence. Her child would never say the word “fat.” No, she is being taught polite, sensitive, pseudo, positive  words like “thick.” Hey, sister dear, why don’t you teach your children that there is nothing wrong with “thick” bodies? Why don’t teach your children not to comment on other people’s bodies? Why don’t you teach your children that women are more than their bodies? That would be a … Continue reading What do I Want?

I Cannot Take Heartburn!!

I’m  so tired of Acid Reflux. Today I had a panic attack. I thought that I couldn’t breathe because I had gas and it was making me feel like puking. I hate to vomit. It terrifies me. I ate horribly on Sunday. It was nothing but chocolate and fried food. I had diarrhea and I still continued to eat poorly. To top it off this morning, I had a Reese Xmas tree and lots of chocolate covered cashews. That was a bad idea. I’m done eating like shit. I have been diagnosed with Acid Reflux twice in my life and … Continue reading I Cannot Take Heartburn!!

Trying it a New Way

Sorry for the long absence faithful readers, but I spent the fall semester teaching four courses and the last three months trying to recover from it. I’m done teaching but, that is not what this post is about. I’m relaunching my efforts to lose weight and get healthy, but I’m trying to learn from my past mistakes.  Usually when I attempted to lose weight in the past I would vow to eat healthy and then work out five days a week.  I would manage to eat right and exercise for about a month.  Then I would “cheat” or miss a … Continue reading Trying it a New Way

Robin Thicke, WTF?!!

I have been in the car alot lately.  My car is in the shop, but my mom has been kind enough to allow my sister and I to drive her car.  So I’ve been helping my sister out by picking up the kids from daycare and summer camp.  Because of my extra car time I have had the chance to hear some really good music.  One song that I really like is “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell.   I was on YouTube the other day messing around and I decided to look up the video for the … Continue reading Robin Thicke, WTF?!!

Pizza Money

For the last two weeks I have felt desperate.  A part of each day seemed to revolve around one crisis:  how will I get money for pizza? I have once again found myself unemployed.  My teaching job ended in June and summer school didn’t pan out.  I also didn’t qualify for unemployment.  I’m currently without an income. I’m all right.  I don’t have many expenses and I have a very generous mother.  But my Mom hates fast food and would never give me money for it. So I tried to devise other solutions. I tried to borrow money from my … Continue reading Pizza Money