That Wretched Woman

It’s official. I hate my mother.  I hate her. We have only been living together for two weeks and I hate her and I don’t want to speak to her or see her for at least a year.  If you follow me on Twitter, you have been privy to my rants about my mother.  I hate feeling this way about my mother. It is so complicated. She’s my mother so I will always love her, but they way that she keeps attacking me, the way that she flips every disagreement (no matter how small) to a dig about my weight, … Continue reading That Wretched Woman

Good News from the Doctor!!!

Hey All, I went to the doctor today and I got several pieces of good news. So for the past three years I thought that I was diabetic. It was hard for me to process at first. I have avoided taking my blood sugar. The medicine they had me on had bad side effects, so I just stopped taking it. My mother has been frantically worried about me because of this condition that she has and that runs rampant on her side of the family.  So I went to the doctor to today after I had labs done last week. … Continue reading Good News from the Doctor!!!

I Think Overachieving Made Me Fat

Hey All, I don’t know if I have ever thought of myself as an overachiever. When I think of overachievers I think of Steve Urkel types. I think of geniuses. I think of straight A students. I was never the top student in my high school class. I mean I graduated in the top five percent of my class, but I wasn’t the valedictorian or the salutatorian. I struggled in college.  I was struggling with a mental illness and I was working two jobs as well as carrying a load of five classes a semester.  I was a double major. … Continue reading I Think Overachieving Made Me Fat

Loving Myself: Part 1

Hey All, As I’ve discussed in a previous post, I feel as if I let other people determine how I feel about myself and my body.  I hate to bring up my mother again, but I’m going to. My family and the way that they judge people based on their appearances and the way that they are critical of everyone based on their appearance has shaped me and the way I feel about my body. My mother often said when I was a kid, “Fat doesn’t look good on anyone but a pig.” So naturally I grew up thinking that … Continue reading Loving Myself: Part 1

What Will Make Me Happy

I just read this great post by one of my favorite plus sized bloggers, CeCe Olisa, of the blog, Plus Size Princess. In this post CeCe talks about how strangers and co workers noticed that she was losing weight and started making comments. At first she found the comments to be benign. People would tell her how good she looked. Then as she lost more and more weight people would start policing her plate. CeCe said that someone actually had the nerve to ask her if she should be eating cheese while she was at a party.  This post made … Continue reading What Will Make Me Happy

My Family is Driving Me Crazy!!

Hello Readers, If you follow me on Twitter (@fatkatfitkat) then you read recently about my problems with my family. In short, they get on my damn nerves!!! Not helping things is the fact that I live in my mom’s basement and my sister and her family (a husband and three kids) live in the upstairs part of the house. I’ve lived with my family for the last three years. Before then, I spent six years (the best years of my life) in State College, PA, in my own apartment. My only roommate was my cat, Nella. I was very happy … Continue reading My Family is Driving Me Crazy!!

Weigh In: I lost 2 pounds

  Hey All, I got on the scale this morning and surprise, it was actually down.  I now weigh 401 lbs.  I feel good that I lost two pounds especially since I haven’t been getting my steps in this week.  I also haven’t done my The Fat Chick Work Outs DVD this week either.  I went too hard last week and so I was sore and tired all this week.  I will start again next week and I will be more gentle with this body, which I know can do amazing things because it has done them before. By the … Continue reading Weigh In: I lost 2 pounds

New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Hi All, I had to update my step goal.  Last week, I managed to reach my step goal of 3500 steps a day for three days.  My body was pissed off at me on Sunday.  I had also done The Fat Chick Works Out DVD three times.  I spent all day in bed on Sunday and Monday.  I was that sore and worn out.  So instead of stopping exercise all together, I am going to be even more gentle with myself.  I’m going to set my step goal for 2000 steps a day and I’m going to progress to week … Continue reading New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Almost Made My Goal of 3500 Steps

Today was an active day for me.  I went to the Target to have my portrait taken for business reasons.  I have recently started a resume writing business.  My website is  I am in the process of redoing my  LinkedIn profile and I needed a professional profile pic.  So I was glad that Target had a portrait studio because I didn’t want to go to Walmart. I’m not trying to throw shade at Walmart, I just prefer Target.  I don’t know what it is about going into a Target, and it is like this for every Target that I … Continue reading Almost Made My Goal of 3500 Steps