Weigh In: I lost 2 pounds

  Hey All, I got on the scale this morning and surprise, it was actually down.  I now weigh 401 lbs.  I feel good that I lost two pounds especially since I haven’t been getting my steps in this week.  I also haven’t done my The Fat Chick Work Outs DVD this week either.  I went too hard last week and so I was sore and tired all this week.  I will start again next week and I will be more gentle with this body, which I know can do amazing things because it has done them before. By the … Continue reading Weigh In: I lost 2 pounds

Weigh In and a Diet Bet

I joined a great walking group on Facebook, WALKING Monthly Challenges (Walking My Way Back To Health), and some of the members are participating in a Diet Bet.  Diet Bet is actually a website.  So we all bet $25.00 that we could lose 4% of our body weight in four weeks.  So on Saturday, I took my first picture with my starting weight: In case you can’t read the scale, it says 403.4.  It is not the heaviest that I have ever been, but it is up there.  So I have to lose 16lbs by July 16th.  I think I can do it!! Wish me luck and I … Continue reading Weigh In and a Diet Bet

Weigh In: 369.5

So I guess practically starving for the last two weeks has been worth it.  No, I was not starving on purpose.  My family and I were in dire financial straits and I didn’t have money for too many meals.   But anyways, I’m now 369.5 lbs yay!!!!  19.5 pounds to lose until I get to my next goal of 350lbs.  I never thought that I would have 350 lbs as a weight loss goal.  Oh well, yay me!!! Thanks for Reading!!! Karen  Continue reading Weigh In: 369.5