I Think Overachieving Made Me Fat

Hey All, I don’t know if I have ever thought of myself as an overachiever. When I think of overachievers I think of Steve Urkel types. I think of geniuses. I think of straight A students. I was never the top student in my high school class. I mean I graduated in the top five percent of my class, but I wasn’t the valedictorian or the salutatorian. I struggled in college.  I was struggling with a mental illness and I was working two jobs as well as carrying a load of five classes a semester.  I was a double major. … Continue reading I Think Overachieving Made Me Fat

What Will Make Me Happy

I just read this great post by one of my favorite plus sized bloggers, CeCe Olisa, of the blog, Plus Size Princess. In this post CeCe talks about how strangers and co workers noticed that she was losing weight and started making comments. At first she found the comments to be benign. People would tell her how good she looked. Then as she lost more and more weight people would start policing her plate. CeCe said that someone actually had the nerve to ask her if she should be eating cheese while she was at a party.  This post made … Continue reading What Will Make Me Happy

My Family is Driving Me Crazy!!

Hello Readers, If you follow me on Twitter (@fatkatfitkat) then you read recently about my problems with my family. In short, they get on my damn nerves!!! Not helping things is the fact that I live in my mom’s basement and my sister and her family (a husband and three kids) live in the upstairs part of the house. I’ve lived with my family for the last three years. Before then, I spent six years (the best years of my life) in State College, PA, in my own apartment. My only roommate was my cat, Nella. I was very happy … Continue reading My Family is Driving Me Crazy!!

Trying it a New Way

Sorry for the long absence faithful readers, but I spent the fall semester teaching four courses and the last three months trying to recover from it. I’m done teaching but, that is not what this post is about. I’m relaunching my efforts to lose weight and get healthy, but I’m trying to learn from my past mistakes.  Usually when I attempted to lose weight in the past I would vow to eat healthy and then work out five days a week.  I would manage to eat right and exercise for about a month.  Then I would “cheat” or miss a … Continue reading Trying it a New Way

Sick and Tired of Being Utterly Disgusted

Yesterday, I got sick of living in a filthy room.  There was a pile of dirty clothes puddled right outside the bathroom door.  There was cat puke on the rug and empty water bottles everywhere and random papers on the floor.  There was also a lot of roaches.  I live in a finished basement.  We have roaches and the summer heat has only made that situation worse.  They seem to be attracted to the area where I keep Nella’s food and water.  I’ve been disgusted to actually see a bunch of roaches congregating around Nella’s water bowl as if they … Continue reading Sick and Tired of Being Utterly Disgusted

Out and About

Today I had some errands to run and since my Karenmobile is still in need of repair, I had to walk and bus it.  Usually, I am very self conscious and very loathe to be fat in public, but since I’ve made a conscious effort to stop hating my body just because it is fat, my life has been radically different.  Not only did I go out today and be fat in public and on public transportation, but I went sleeveless.   I have spent many years hating my arms.  They are really fat so I had declared that they … Continue reading Out and About

Body Wellness Project

One of my body love role models, Golda Poretsky, has started an incredible project as part of her upcoming TED talk.  You can check it out here.  I’m not sure if I am going to participate in it.  I don’t know if I’m ready to have my image projected during a TED talk.  I am willing to create my own type of Body Love Project.  I will be taking many pictures of myself (face and full body, but ALWAYS clothed) and posting them here on my blog.  I recently saw pictures of myself from last Christmas.  I was shocked and … Continue reading Body Wellness Project

Coming Back to Myself

Lately, as I have contemplated moving out of my mom’s basement, I have remembered who I used to be.  I used to be an independent content woman who ate reasonably healthy, worked out intensely with a great physical trainer, managed her finances and enjoyed living six hours away from her nearest relative.  I was pretty awesome!  I’ve lost sight of that, but that is what depression steals from you.  It convinces you that you are worthless and that the misery that you are currently mired in will last forever.  Now that my depression has lifted I know that all of … Continue reading Coming Back to Myself

Update on my Knee and Back Pain

If y’all remember,  last week I was afraid to go to the doctor for a pain that I was having in my knee and in my back because I was afraid that I would be shamed for my weight.  Well, I went to the doctor and was treated with respect from every member of staff from the nursing assistants, the physician’s assistant, to the nurses and finally the doctor.  My primary diagnosis is that I moved wrong and got a big owwie!! They took Xrays and couldn’t find anything majorly wrong with my knee.  There was a little bit of … Continue reading Update on my Knee and Back Pain