I Cannot Take Heartburn!!

I’m  so tired of Acid Reflux. Today I had a panic attack. I thought that I couldn’t breathe because I had gas and it was making me feel like puking. I hate to vomit. It terrifies me. I ate horribly on Sunday. It was nothing but chocolate and fried food. I had diarrhea and I still continued to eat poorly. To top it off this morning, I had a Reese Xmas tree and lots of chocolate covered cashews. That was a bad idea. I’m done eating like shit.
I have been diagnosed with Acid Reflux twice in my life and yet I don’t change my ways, but now I need to. Heartburn feels too much like a ,heart attack. I can’t go to the ER one more time complaining of chest pains and be diagnosed with being crazy. I hate heartburn and I despise anxiety. My heartburn causes me anxiety. I have to stop.

Thanks For Reading,


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