New Goal: 2000 Steps a Day

Here, have a smile.
Here, have a smile.

Hi All, I had to update my step goal.  Last week, I managed to reach my step goal of 3500 steps a day for three days.  My body was pissed off at me on Sunday.  I had also done The Fat Chick Works Out DVD three times.  I spent all day in bed on Sunday and Monday.  I was that sore and worn out.  So instead of stopping exercise all together, I am going to be even more gentle with myself.  I’m going to set my step goal for 2000 steps a day and I’m going to progress to week 2 of The Fat Chick for three days this week.

Eating Well? Kinda of Sort of.

Yeah, I got made up to go grocery shopping. So what?
Yeah, I got made up to go grocery shopping. So what?

  So I decided that I would tackle my eating issues by planning out my meals and cooking.  So Saturday I went to Trader Joes and bough a whole lot of salad greens and lentils and brown rice and chicken for a stir fry.  I have largely moved away from ordering in food and fast food.  I have been drinking a lot of water, but I still have occasionally eaten poorly.  I will start logging in my meals on MyFitnessPal so that I can be more aware of my calorie intake.


A Bigger Size

It’s summer and I want some new clothes.  I decided to order about five maxi dresses through  The dresses were cute and cheap.  They arrived on Saturday.  I tried them on and they were all too tight.  I had gone up a size.  That was disappointing.  I immediately mailed the clothes back to the Avenue in order to exchange them for the next size up.  I debated with myself about keeping the smaller size as motivation clothes, but I decided not to.  1. I want to wear some nice summer clothes right now. 2. I don’t want to crash diet or over exercise just in order to fit into some new clothes.  I think that will do more to hurt my wellness journey in the long run.

At least the new sandals fit.
At least the new sandals fit.

July is National Blog Posting Month so I will be attempting to update this blog every single day. Thanks For Reading, Karen  


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