Trying it a New Way

Sorry for the long absence faithful readers, but I spent the fall semester teaching four courses and the last three months trying to recover from it. I’m done teaching but, that is not what this post is about.

I’m relaunching my efforts to lose weight and get healthy, but I’m trying to learn from my past mistakes.  Usually when I attempted to lose weight in the past I would vow to eat healthy and then work out five days a week.  I would manage to eat right and exercise for about a month.  Then I would “cheat” or miss a workout and my plan would be over until the next go around.  In between these efforts to lose weight would be months of bingeing, depression and crippling self hatred.  I’m trying a new way this time.

I’m going to try to change slowly so that I can maintain those changes and hopefully those changes will lead to lasting weight loss.  I’m going to start with breaking bad habits.  They say it takes a month for a new habit to become second nature, so I’m hoping that logic also works for breaking a bad habit.

The first bad habit that I’m going to break is my dining out habit.  I can’t call it a fast food habit. I don’t just eat fast food.  I have healthy food brought in as well.  It’s an expensive habit and I have a tendency to eat fried food and desserts when I order out.  So the habit that I will concentrate on breaking for the next month, staring tomorrow, will be to not order food out or to dine out.

My Strategies

  1. Make sure that I have food in the house:  That shouldn’t be that difficult because I have been cooking lately and enjoying it.
  2. Meal Planning: I need to know that I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for at least the coming week.  I won’t repeat the mistakes of my past and say that I’m going to cook all my meals on Sunday for the coming week.  I just need to have the food in the house to assemble a meal.  Also the meal doesn’t have to be super nutritious.  I don’t need to concentrate on nutrition just yet.  If I try too much too fast then I will fall into my old all or nothing pattern.  I just need to know what I will be eating three times a day for seven days at a stretch.  That’s 21 meals.

I will publish at least twice a week and let you guys know how it’s going and I won’t beat myself up if I don’t reach my goal “perfectly.”

Thanks for Reading,




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