Salmon Patties

So I’ve decided to cook for myself.  I have a number of reasons:

  1. It’s less expensive than take out.
  2. I can control what goes into the food (Hello, Clean Eating. How are you?)
  3. Mark Bittman believes that people can control their overeating if they cook.
  4. It’s fun.


So this morning I decided to use a can of salmon that I had lying around.  I googled recipes for canned salmon and found a recipe for salmon patties.  I found this recipe on  I didn’t have onion, but I went ahead and made it anyway.  It came out pretty good.

20130806_105950 (1)


Since I’m a beginner I was just glad that I had made something edible.  As I was eating it I realized that they were a little bland.  I need more flavor.  I think the next time that I make salmon patties I will use this recipe.  It has more spices and cheese.  I love cheese!!!


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