Pizza Money

For the last two weeks I have felt desperate.  A part of each day seemed to revolve around one crisis:  how will I get money for pizza?

I have once again found myself unemployed.  My teaching job ended in June and summer school didn’t pan out.  I also didn’t qualify for unemployment.  I’m currently without an income.

I’m all right.  I don’t have many expenses and I have a very generous mother.  But my Mom hates fast food and would never give me money for it. So I tried to devise other solutions.

I tried to borrow money from my brother, but he is almost as broke as I am. Every morning for a week, I woke up and tried to figure out a way to get pizza.  I would put off eating breakfast until my stomach rumbled because I was sure that day would be the day that some way, somehow I would get my pizza.

It wasn’t until Thursday when I was dealing with yet another frustrating crisis that I realized exactly how fortunate I am. 

I am healthy.  I live in a nice house.  I have enough to eat.  I have all of my needs met.  Yet I’m grumpy and desperate for takeout? My biggest problem is that I don’t have mad money to spend on pizza?  Really?  I feel both ridiculous and grateful; ridiculous for being so worked up over fast food and grateful that God gave me the insight to see how small my “problems” really are.


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