Strange Days

I’m sorry for the long absence.  I would like to blame the extreme heat, but that’s not it.  I’ve been going through a bit of a  slump lately.  I could blame the end of the school year for the lack of structure, but that is only part of it. Part of it is that my period lasted two weeks.  That’s right you heard me.  My last period lasted from June 14th to July 1st.  I’m sorry if that is too much information, but we’re all friends here.  I spent nearly two weeks in bed.  Bleeding that much left me so exhausted that I didn’t have energy to do anything but attend to my most basic needs.    Luckily, my mother was visiting so she was able to take me to the Emergency Room.  The ER doctors were quite unconcerned.  Apparently, as long as you are not bleeding too much, or suffering from cramps, fever, or fainting then it’s okay if your menstrual cycle lasts for weeks.  I have a follow up appointment on July 16th with a regular OB/GYN.  I’ll keep you updated.

I do have good news.  My family and I have made up. If you follow me on Twitter you know that one night a few weeks ago my brother in law opened my door and offered me a plate of a traditional Grenadian meal.  I accepted it although I was very skeptical. I think that my family was concerned because of my trip to the ER. My sister and I made up a few days later.  Nothing was discussed.  We are all being so considerate of each other it’s scary.  Last Thursday, my sister asked me to watch the kids for four hours on Friday.  It was supposed to only be four hours because their dad was off, but it wound up being longer and that was fine because they wound up buying me dinner.  Ya’all, it was hell of awkward.  At least in my mind it was.  We have all been extremely friendly and helpful to each other.  I have been picking up my sister at the train station (in my mom’s SUV) when she comes in from work and then we’ve been going to pick up the kids from daycare and camp.  I have most of the day to myself. Everyone realizes that it would be way too much for me to have two girls (ages 5 and 3) all day.  Also my nephew is happy at day camp, going on field trips and being with other kids.

I am determined to make the most of this summer, writing and activity wise. I’m currently working on several writing projects, blogging and trying to ease back into exercise.  This summer I would like to transition to clean eating, cooking, and vegetarianism.  I will be writing and posting blog posts at least three times a week.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for Reading,



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