The Man of the House?

You know if I was living rent free in my sister’s house I could see having to help her with the kids and the household chores.  I could even see her husband, who would be working (in theory) to maintain that house being pissed off when I didn’t.  The fact is, I live in my mother’s house.  My brother in law doesn’t pay a dime to keep up this house: no rent, no utilities, nothing.  I stay in my own space and mind my own business, even when I see him acting like a complete ass to his wife and kids.  Their marriage is none of my business.  I don’t tell him what to do, but he saw fit to tell me what to do.  He has spent the last two years trying to bully me into submission.

You can’t be the man of the house in a house that is not yours.  Trisha may let him get away with that shit to keep the peace between them, but she can’t expect me to bow down to that idiot.  I’m not taking anyone’s shit just so that they can feel like a man.  If he want’s to feel like a man than he should stop taking handouts from his mother in law.

I keep having nightmares about that so called man.  In one he kills me.  In another Trisha blames me for a fight that they are having and when I defend myself, that scum gets in my face and hits me.  I go to the police and when they arrest him, he says that he struck me because I wouldn’t back down.  I don’t feel safe around my sister and her husband.  I fear them.  I do.  I don’t think that they will physically hurt me, but I’m afraid of them just the same.  I don’t want to have anything to do with either one of them ever again.



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