Breaking Up With Sugar

Do you know what Cocaine makes you feel like?  More Cocaine.

                                                                                             George Carlin

If you substitute sugar for cocaine in the above quote, you will have an accurate description of my relationship with sweets.  I have always had a major sweet tooth.  When I binge I invariably binge on sweets.  I love cookies, cakes, candy bars, ice cream, brownies, milkshakes.  If it is sweet, I love it.  The problem is that I am almost 400 pounds and I have type II diabetes.  I’ve decided to quit sugar until the first day of summer, June 21, 2013.  I will be avoiding all sugar except for what is naturally found in fruit.  I will be documenting how this makes me feel as well as how much weight I lose.  I will also be tweeting about my sugarless sojourn on Twitter using the hashtag #nosugarbaby and my usual Twitter handle is @fatkatfitkat.


As y’all know I’m a writer.  To help me write, I’ve started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I’ve also started rereading a book that she published about writing and weight loss, The Writing Diet.  I’ve decided to follow the simple tips that she has written about in the book.  I’m not done reading it, but I can share some of the beginning tips with you, dear reader:

  1. Morning Pages–  Those of you who are familiar with Cameron’s work will know what morning pages are.  Simply, every morning you wake up and write 3 pages.  These pages don’t have to be good or be about anything.  There is no wrong way to do morning pages.
  2. Journal-Keep a food journal.  Write down what you eat and how you felt when you ate it.
  3. Take a Walk– go for 20 minute walks every day
  4. The Four Questions– if you feel a craving coming on ask yourself 4 questions before you indulge:  Am I hungry?  Is this what I feel like eating?  Is this what I feel like eating now?  Is there something else that I could eat instead?

I will be blogging and tweeting regularly about how this process is progressing.

One Last Thing:  I want to lose 50 pounds by the beginning of summer and 100 pounds by my 38th birthday which is September 25, 2013.  Wish me luck!!

Thanks for Reading!!


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