Going Vegetarian and Oh, I Cooked Dinner for Myself from Scratch!

Hey All,

I know that it has been awhile and I promise a more regular publishing schedule is forthcoming, but for now I have awesome news.  I cooked dinner for myself tonight!  I made vegetarian chili with wild rice  and vanilla pudding from scratch.  I went to the grocery store after work and then came home and cooked while my nieces hovered around me and asked to help.  Dinner was delicious.  I’m stuffed right now, stuffed and proud.  My nieces and nephew loved the pudding and so did I.  Oh, by the way, I’m a full on vegetarian now.

Over the weekend, I read a book by Mark Bittman titled Cooking Solves Everything:  How Time in the Kitchen Can Save Your Health, Your Budget, and Even the Planet. New York Times columnist, food journalist, and cookbook author, Mark Bittman argues that cooking your meals from scratch can transform your life and your health.  Bittman discovered his joy in cooking (See what I did there?) when he was a sophomore in college.  He started cooking simple meals for himself and experienced how much more enjoyable his meals were.  The book also discusses the politics of the food and agricultural industries.  I took away the following from this amazing book:

  • By cooking for myself I can control what ingredients go into my food and therefore my body.  A lot of so called healthy foods that are purchased from supermarkets contain chemicals whose names I don’t recognize. So by cooking for myself I can actually eat cleaner.
  • People who cook for themselves are less likely to overeat, because they are less likely to cook enough food to overeat.
  • Cooking for yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment.

So now, I’m cooking for myself.  I purchased Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian as I am now a vegetarian.  I came across this great video on Forks Over Knives’ Facebook page.  It’s a great video that’s worth a viewing.  The speaker asserts that a study found that a primarily vegetarian or plant based diet can lower your blood glucose levels so that your diabetes is undetectable on a blood test.  That’s what I want.  Carb counting sucks!!!.  I’m going to attempt a low fat, vegetarian diet and see how my body responds.  The video is available here.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.


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