Fear of Fat Shaming

I have been having problems walking for the last two weeks.  I have a twinge in my left lower hip region that gets worse as the day wears on.  I also have a pain in my right thigh that I noticed happened after I tried to bend down too quickly.  These two issues have made walking a painful and painfully difficult experience.  But I have been avoiding going to the doctor because I don’t want to be fat shamed.

In the past I have gone to see medical professionals for other ailments and had them immediately zero in on my weight as the root of all my troubles.  I don’t want to A. Have an unpleasant encounter with someone who can’t get past my size and B. Waste time going to the doctor and not finding out what’s wrong with me -other than being fat of course.

I’m writing this post from the waiting area of an ER because I can’t take this pain anymore. Wish me luck and a decent doctor.

Thanks for reading!



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