Rude People

I had a hard day today. I was late to work. I’m never late, but today I was five minutes late. Then I had to leave my students and go over to the faculty computer lab and print copies of the worksheet I would be using. The English department has a policy. You’re supposed to print out one copy and bring it to the copy center in the basement. It saves toner.

As I was saying, I was already late, so I printed out enough copies of my handouts for each student. I wound up printing out about 100 pages. It only took about ten minutes, if that.

Immediately, an older woman, I’m assuming she was also a teacher took exception. “You know we are really encouraged to print out one copy and take it down to the copy center.”

“Yes, I know I’m sorry. I’m running late.” I was being cordial because I already felt guilty for being caught breaking this rule. Another teacher in the room felt compelled to further explain the print one copy/copy center policy. I apologized again and explained again that I was running late. I’m standing at the printer this whole time mind you. I’ve already sent everything to the printer and was just collecting pages.

The first teacher felt compelled to keep making comments. The other teacher asked her what was wrong and she said, “She’s printing out a book. This is unbelievable.” I’m pretty sure I apologized again although by this point I was more than pissed. The teacher actually had the nerve to question me.

“What’s your name?”


“What’s your last name?”

“What do you teach?”


It kills me that I didn’t ask this bitch for her name and her position. But I want a permanent job at this place and I didn’t want to burn any bridges by telling this bitch off. I didn’t know who she was. This incident laid on my spirit the entire day. It tainted a terrific teaching day.

I’m angry at that bitch because she had no right to question me or challenge me. I’m a colleague. I’m not a student. She has no authority over me. Also there is a professional way to interact with your colleagues and this bitch harangued me and harassed me as if this printer was her own personal possession. I would never disrespect a fellow teacher. I would never cause a scene in my workplace. I would never attempt to police other professionals.

My point is that as usual in these situations I’m angry at myself most of all. If I had just planned ahead, I could have been spared this situation. But I have to call bullshit. This woman did not have a right to speak to me in that manner. As far as I know she wasn’t waiting to print anything out. My actions were not affecting or inconveniencing her in any way shape or form. She was just being a bitch.

I wish I could stop feeling guilty for other people’s bad behavior. I also wish that bitch would get explosive diarrhea, preferably on a long car ride or on public transportation.

Thanks for Reading!


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