I Am Reborn!!!

I haven’t been able to shower since late Saturday night.  Our water heater broke and I was too much of a coward to brave a cold shower.  I’ve just showered for the first time in days.  I am reborn!!! I suffer from OCD and I have an obsessive fear of germs.  As in I get skeeved out (or rather disturbed to the point of a near psychotic break) by toilets, cat shit, people shit, cat puke, puke, flies (they are born in shit), blood, stains, piss, mucus and most bodily fluids.  Not being able to shower for the last four days or so hasn’t just creeped me out, it has made me damn near unable to function.

I have books to review and blog posts to write.  I have poems to poem and I haven’t been able to do much, but wallow in my own funk (literally and figuratively) and worry obsessively about when the water heater will be repaired.  Now that I have been able to wash, I feel like a new person or rather like an improved (cleaner) version of myself.

On a related note, I seriously need to get my own place.  I’m not blaming my family for the water heater going down, but I can definitely blame them for flooding the second floor so badly that I woke up to a waterfall coming through the ceiling and sprinkling on the couch I was sleeping on.  I mean, who leaves the faucet in the bathroom on all night?  Who does that?

Thanks for reading!!!



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