The Top Ten Things I Hate About Being Fat #6: I Hate Feeling Pretty for a Fat Girl

I love dressing up. I’m a real girly girl.  I love clothing, I love make up and I love feeling cute.  I go through glamour girl periods where I do my makeup every day and I wear really cute clothes.  Actually, I think that I can safely say, as long as my paycheck allows,  I’m a clothes’ horse.  I usually always make sure that my hair is presentable.  But I don’t bother with makeup.  Mostly, I tell myself that it’s too much work or I’m afraid of applying it wrong and going out looking a fool.  Sometimes though no matter how awesome I look I never fully feel confident in my appearance because of my weight.  I hate feeling like, “Well, I look pretty good for my size.”  I just want to feel like I look good period, with no qualifiers.


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