I Got A Job!!!!!

I’m so excited!!!!  I will now be working full time.  I just received a job offer to be a title 1 teacher at a high school four afternoons a week.  I will be tutoring in Reading and Math.  So I will be teaching developmental reading and writing at a local community college in addition to this job.  It will be like being a full time teacher again.  My days will begin at 8am (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and end at 3pm. Luckily the position will run the entire school year so I won’t wind up broke and jobless come January the way that I did this year.  Unfortunately, the community college that I teach at had low enrollment last Spring so I didn’t have a job after last December.  I’m hoping that won’t be the case this year, but if it is at least I won’t be in dire straits.  I might even be able to (gasp) move out of my mother’s basement.  Yay!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!!!!



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