My Scale Works Again!

On a whim,  I decided to try my scale this morning.  A few months ago, my scale seemed broken.  It kept giving me a ridiculously low reading.  As much as I wanted to believe that I had lost a 150 pounds in one week, I knew that the scale was broken.  I tried changing batteries and it didn’t help. I gave up the scale for lost.  I contemplated throwing it in the trash but it is hard for me to throw away electronics.  They just seem so bulky and out of place in a garbage bag.  I couldn’t afford to buy another scale so for the past few months I have gone without weighing myself.  There is a house scale but because I weigh so much I cannot use it.  Most scales only go up to 300 lbs.

This morning, on a whim, I decided to try the scale and see if it worked.  It did. I am 379.6 lbs now. I have lost 11.6 pounds since October.  I am so happy!!!.  In my darkest moments, I thought that I would never lose weight.  I thought that I was destined to be 400lbs, or near there, forever.  Although I would have liked to have lost more weight by now, I am grateful that I have lost 19 lbs already.  I am afraid of change so perhaps slow and steady progress suits me.

Thanks for reading!


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