The Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’m high right now.  I feel better than I have felt in weeks, maybe even months. Why?  Because I walked for 20 minutes on 3 separate days last week.  I committed to an exercise plan and actually stuck to it.  That is a feat that I had not accomplished in almost a year.

One  of my blog idols, Skinny Emmie,wrote a very relevant blog post recently, entitled “I’m destined to be fat and unhappy.”  In this post, Emmie discusses some of the negative thoughts that have plagued her.  One hit home for me:   “Everything was negated because I was a super morbidly obese person with failing physical ability and self worth the size of a pea. Somehow being fat meant I was an awful person.”  Thoughts similar to this one often run unchecked through my mind.  Not only do they cause me a lot of pain but they also convince me to not exercise or eat right. They convince me that my situation is hopeless.

Starting to walk this week was an act of faith. It was based on a belief and a hope not that if I exercised that I would lose weight, but that if exercised I would feel better.  My faith was justified.

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