I have been thrown into a state of inertia and depression for the past three weeks because I couldn’t locate two very important pieces of paper:  my social security card and my certificate of naturalization.  Whenever you are trying to get a new job you need to show your new employer your social security card.  If you cannot find it, you need to replace your social security card.  Unfortunately, because I was born outside of the US I have to show my certificate of naturalization in order to obtain a replacement social security card. I moved back in August.  All of my important papers were placed in storage.  I spent a week and a half searching for those two important papers.  I couldn’t locate them and that cost me a teaching job.

That one event has sent me into a puddle of inertia and depression.  I still want to write but I can’t muster enough motivation to do anything besides lie in bed, watch TV and sleep.  I’ve been sleeping a lot.  To make matters worse, my mother (aka Captain Obvious) is visiting.  She casually told me that “she wants to help me help myself.”  My mother doesn’t understand depression.   She keeps saying that I need to push myself to do things, that I need to exercise, that I need to get my weight under control.  I know all those things already.  But I do have to admit that she is right about one important thing.  I have to push myself.

I have to push myself:

  1. To keep writing. No one is going to hand me a career as a fiction writer.  I actually have to do the work.
  2. Get out and take walks or hit the treadmill.  Exercise alleviates depression.
  3. Keep looking for a permanent teaching job (I’m in the process of obtaining a duplicate naturalization certificate so that I can obtain a new social security card.
  4. Journal. One day, these struggles will make a good book.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Inertia

  1. I think rule #2 on your list is super crucial–a short walk outside can do so much for your health, emotional state, *and* your fiction! One thing I love about having a dog is getting that twice-daily walk, which gives you a chance to breathe and let your mind wander. So helpful for a writer.

    Here’s a pretty neat video that outlines a lot of great benefits of walking:

    Sorry to hear about the paperwork mess. At least you’ll be ready to go with the next job–good luck with it!

    1. Thanks for the link, Sharon. It actually took me a while to do it, but I actually went for a brief walk today and I immediately just felt 100 percent better. Those endorphins are addictive.

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