A Contract with Myself

Over at SparkPeople.com I found a great article by Dean Anderson on writing weight loss contracts and how they can keep you accountable. You can read the original article here: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=748. The article discusses how a written contract can help you keep from letting the excuses that you make to yourself for yourself get in the way of your weight loss efforts. I have taken their template and the excuses that I identified in an earlier post, My Many Reasons Not to Diet this Week, to come up with my own contract:

I,                            Karen Walcott                           , hereby agree and commit to take the following steps to improve my accountability to myself and increase my chances for weight loss success:

  1. I will not let one small slip-up convince me that I’m stupid, worthless, or a lost cause. I will respect myself by refusing to engage in verbal self-abuse, and I will find positive ways to comfort and support myself when I’m having a hard time. Specifically, I will journal, blog, use Twitter or Facebook, to explore why I had a slip up.
  2. I will not let other people make unhappy or upset. I will not let an argument or a comment cause me to binge or overeat or make an unhealthy choice. When I am in conflict with other people I will count to 25 and then journal or blog or Tweet about the problem.
  3. I choose to be in charge of my own decisions and behavior. I will not talk, think, or act as if my parents, job, living situation, cravings, or subconscious made me do it. I will ask myself what’s most important to me at that moment and make my decision. If I don’t like the consequences, I will try something different the next time.
  4. I will never ever give up on myself.

Thanks for Reading!


One thought on “A Contract with Myself

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! One of the reasons I gained 40 pounds was that other people were telling me I should eat more and more often. Another was because I moved, and therefore “had to” partake in all the “new” traditional meals I had never had before (oh, and European candy, cakes, etc. all in the name of “experiencing the culture”). Taking control has been, for only the past month, a feeling of liberation. I’m eating when I’m hungry only, and having snack-type-things only when I’m PMSing, then working out a little longer each of those days, and like you mentioned, not being hard on myself. I’m in it for the long haul, so a slip up here and there is fine (with me).

    Love you! Keep up the great work!!!

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