A Cheap Diet

I got a teaching job this week. I’m very thankful that I have a job, but the position doesn’t start until the end of February so that means I probably won’t get a regular paycheck until March. That means that I can’t go Vegan yet. I will try a Vegan experiment in the future but for now I have to eat what everyone else in my house eats.

But I can still diet. I’m going on a 15oo calorie diet.  There is no particular plan.  I’m just going to count calories. I figure that I have already accumulated a lot of information about nutrition over the years and I know how to eat healthy.  I will also keep working with The Beck Solution because of its cognitive behavior approach to weight loss.  I will weigh myself tomorrow and every Sunday.

I can’t afford a gym membership but I can still workout.  We have a treadmill and I can find ways to get some strength training in without using weights and machines.  I’m going to contact my old trainer, Rachel, for body weight bearing exercises but if you have any tips about working out at home please let me know.

Thanks for Reading.


One thought on “A Cheap Diet

  1. Congrats on the new job!! That’s fantastic!

    When I started working out at home, i realized that I was spending A LOT of time watching Survivor, Real Housewives, stuff like that. So, I just got a mini step machine (you could use that treadmill), and decided that I would just step lightly while watching a show. That just got me in the right headspace, I guess.

    At Christmas, I got Wii Fit Plus, and in 47 days have lost 3 kilos, and I just feel really good because I don’t have to go to a gym. It has helped me have tons of fun while burning calories. The games are fun, the yoga is fantastic, and all of the statistics on my weight, BMI, etc., appeal to the statistician in me lol! I’ll also send you some recipes that I LOVE, that are all healthy and TASTY, and sooooo filling…mostly vegetarian, too!


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