The Beck Diet Solution

Thanks to my friend over at Confessions of a Recovering Chocoholic I am reading The Beck Diet Solution:  Train Your Brain To Think Like a Thin Person by Judith S. Beck.  The premise of the book is that people who have been unsuccessful at dieting have a disordered mindset.  Beck gives you six weeks of cognitive behavioral techniques in order to retrain your mind so that the next diet you go on will be successful.  On day 1, Beck asks you to write down the reasons you have for wanting to lose weight and to keep them on an index card.  You are then asked to look at that index card at least twice a day at two set times.  Here are 12 of my 21 reasons for wanting to lose weight:

  1. To feel beautiful– I admit it. I don’t feel beautiful because I am fat.  There I said it.
  2. To be comfortable
  3. To have children-  I don’t think that I’m physically able to have children at my current weight.
  4. To be sexy– I’m not comfortable being touched at my current size.
  5. I won’t feel so self conscious.
  6. I’ll feel confident.
  7. I’ll feel in control.
  8. I’ll like what I see in the mirror.
  9. I’ll be able to buy cuter clothes.
  10. My mom won’t bug me about my weight.
  11. I won’t feel like I’ve been sidelined romantically–  I don’t have romantic fantasies about myself.  When I see a romantic scene in a movie I have the appropriate feelings but I don’t have any romantic fantasies in which I am the female lead.  That is because I am so heavy.
  12. I won’t fear social gatherings.

Stay tuned for the rest of the reasons in my next post.

Thanks for reading.


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