Finally Back in the Gym

After a few false starts I finally made it back to the gym. I used every excuse in the book to avoid it. I had to cancel my personal training appointment on Monday because it was at 7:00 in the morning and I didn’t get to sleep until about 5:00 am.  I couldn’t go to Aqua Fit on Tuesday morning for the same reason and then I started thinking about how far away the gym is and how I have driving anxiety. Then this afternoon I debated going to my personal training appointment for an hour or so. I lay in bed and tried to will myself back to sleep so that I could claim that I was too tired to go.  When I finally sat up in bed I was feeling too dizzy and too nauseous and I didn’t have time to eat and I couldn’t work out on an empty stomach. Then I couldn’t find my personal training notebook. In the end, none of those excuses worked and I took myself to the gym.

I met my new trainer, Tamar, a man.  I expected Tamar to be a woman. It was weird to be measured by a man. I was glad I had taken the time to take a shower when he started measuring my chest, my waist and my thighs. He seems nice.  We will be working out again this Saturday and I hope I don’t embarrass myself, but knowing me I probably will. I just hope he doesn’t notice.

I did 28 minutes of cardio. 10 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bike with a 3 minute cool down. I sweated. I feel great. I’m impressed that even after all this time I can still do almost 3o minutes of cardio. Yay me!!


6 thoughts on “Finally Back in the Gym

  1. Keep at it, K! It’s well worth it. So hard in the start, and so hard to re-start, but it does get easier. And tell yourself that not only can you do it, you will do it.

    1. Thanks, Moura! It’s funny but two years ago, I was working out like a fiend and I felt awesome. Exercise releases endorphins which helps with depression. Now, I don’t feel as if I’m starting over from scratch, but I definitely have work to do to reach where I was.

  2. I’m proud of you! I’m finally back to working out again, and you are right. It feels SO GOOD afterwords! We’ll have to band together virtually (since I’m not around) and get healthy. You can do this!

  3. Yay you, is right! OMG, I totally understand all the excuses, I do it, too! Since I saw you in PA, I gained 40 lbs. For Christmas, I got a Wii fit, and have been using it every day because I actually like it. I’ve shed 2.2 pounds (1 kilo) of belly blubber so far, and I totally cheered when I read that you felt great breaking a sweat and doing those 30 minutes of cardio! Me, too!

    You rock, thanks for inspiring me.


    1. My sister uses the PlayStation Move to do Zumba. I’m glad that I could inspire you. I started this blog to keep myself accountable and to air out some issues that I’ve hid for a long time and which probably contribute to my problem, but I’m glad that I could inspire you as well. I really appreciate the positive energy that you send my way when you leave your wonderful comments.

      You rock just as hard!!!

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