Short Term Workout Goals

I stole an idea from Beth’s Journey. She makes short term goals and records her progress on a great Google Docs spreadsheet.  Now that I have declared myself fully recovered from my nasty chest cold, it is time to get serious about exercise. I have to get in contact with my personal trainer (did I mention that I signed up with a personal trainer to workout 3 times a week?) and schedule some sessions. I also have to start using my pedometer. One of my goals is to walk and then go to the  gym separately. The lightweight version of  a two a day workout regime. My fitness goals for the next three months are:

  1. Work up to walking 1000 steps a day
  2. Go to the gym 4 times a week
  3. At the gym do at least 30 minutes of cardio per session
  4. At the gym do strength training at least 3 times a week.

I will record my progress on my spreadsheet which you can check it out on the home page.


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