Aqua Fit

Today I attended my first Aqua Fit class at LA Fitness in Philadelphia. I had tried to go twice before, but I always made excuses not to go. The first time, I had gone to bed too late to wake up for the nine o’clock class.  Well, I was awake at 8:00 but I decided that I was too tired to go to class. The second time I was going to go to the Wednesday class at 6 pm, but I had spent the whole day out and was anxious about driving in the new city although I had driven to the gym last week and knew what to expect.  This morning I decided that this was it. If I didn’t go to Aqua Fit class it’s because I was afraid to drive to the gym and if I was going to let fear stop me I wouldn’t be able to work out and lose any weight and that was not acceptable. So I drove to the gym and arrived just a little bit late to class.

I was scared getting in the pool. I didn’t hesitate but for the first twenty minutes of class I was frightened.  The pool is 4’6 inches deep at its deepest point. I am 5’2 and yet I was afraid of drowning. I can’t swim. I kept worrying about slipping and falling face first in the water and not being able to stand up because I was afraid or disoriented. I see now how irrational that thought is.

After awhile I was able to relax somewhat and concentrate on the exercises. It was amazing being in the water. I felt weightless. I easily kept up with the pace. I enjoyed myself. It was fun standing without strain. It was fun to run and jump and do other things that I can’t do outside of the pool. The class was an hour long and I didn’t realize how hard I worked until I stepped out of the water. My limbs were heavier than ever.  I’m glad I went to Aqua Fit and I look forward to going back next week.


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