My Fatstory (Part 1)

I have always been bigger. I was a big first grader, a big second grader, and a big third grader. I wasn’t fat, but I was bigger than the other kids. My mother was worried about this difference. The women on my father’s side of the family were very big. On my mother’s side of the family everyone was skinny and I don’t mean slender or thin, but skinny.  Anyways what follows is a brief fastoric timeline.

Age 8– My first diet. My doctor told my mother to watch what I was eating so my mother eliminated all sweets in my diet. So whenever we went out and my brother and sister got candy I didn’t.

Age 11- My family and I went home to Barbados. I am first generation immigrant. I was born in Barbados, but I have lived in America since before I was two years old. I had just finished the sixth grade and was going through puberty. Everyone in my family told me how fat I was. I look back at pictures from the trip now and all I see is a little girl who wasn’t fat at all. I wasn’t rail thin like my cousins but I was by no means fat. When we came home from that trip my mom placed me on Weight Watchers. I was shocked to learn that I weighed 135 lbs!  Other girls my age weighed about 100 lbs or so and I weighed 135. Something had to be done.

Age 12– I lost 13 pounds on Weight Watchers and for the first time in my life I felt skinny. I looked at my legs in the bathroom mirror and I was finally pleased by how narrow they were.

Age 13– My eigth grade year. What a hell that was! I kept gaining weight, but then again I was eating a lot of junk food. My brother and I had discovered a Hostess cakes outlet. We could buy our favorite treats for twenty-five cents a piece. We were both on Weight Watchers on and off, but we realized that we could cheat and still lose weight. Eventually all that junk caught up to me and when my mother placed me on Diet Center in the fall I weighed in at a whopping 185 pounds.

Stay Tuned for Part Two of my Fatstory


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